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CUHSD’s Home & School Clubs Welcome New Superintendent

Campbell Union High School District (CUHSD) Superintendent Robert Bravo visited the Leigh Home & School Club on Monday, September 19, 2016, to introduce himself to the community and to provide information about Measure AA, the district’s 2016 school facilities improvement bond.

It was the latest stop on a tour of the various parent teacher student organizations that support the district’s comprehensive high schools.

“It was a great opportunity for the community to meet Dr. Bravo personally,” said Leigh High School Principal Kara Butler. “He provided a lot of information about the upcoming year as well as the November bond measure.”

Many parents at Leigh and other Parent Teacher Student Associations (PTSAs) across the district said they hoped the bond measure would enable the district to modernize its facilities in ways that would facilitate preparation for a 21st century career.

They said students in Silicon Valley should have access to technology and receive sufficient training, so they can compete in fields like science, technology, and engineering.

Superintendent Bravo agreed.

“I went to Santa Teresa High School, and in my mind I always had this image of Campbell and the surrounding communities here as being the place where people had it all. That’s why I was so surprised to see how many of our schools are still operating with infrastructure and materials that are more than 60 years old.”

On November 8, Measure AA comes up for approval by voters.

If passed, the bond measure would help improve the quality of education for students in Campbell Union High School District by providing funds to repair, modernize, and upgrade aging school facilities.

“I want to see us be that district where if someone got off the plane to come here, they would see the kind of schools that are representative of what one would expect to see in Silicon Valley,” said Bravo.

Measure AA requires 55% of the vote for passage.