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Vision & Mission Statement

Boynton's Vision Statements:
  • All students make progress toward graduation, deepen their sense of social responsibility and articulate their career goals
  • Differentiated instructional practices are aligned to adopted content standards
  • Assessments are aligned with standards and include multiple measures of proficiency
  • Cultural and individual differences are acknowledged, accepted and celebrated 
  • Dynamic teaching and learning are encouraged, acknowledged and celebrated
  • Trust is established and valued among staff, students and parents
  • Communication is open and honest
  • Progress toward the vision statements is a shared responsibility between the school staff, students, parents and community members
The mission of Boynton High School is for staff members, students, parents and community members to work together to create a safe environment recognizing individual differences and celebrating cultural diversity, and to create a standards-based curriculum using instructional strategies which enable all students to utilize their talents and strengths for success in life.