Why choose Boynton?

Boynton is a small continuation school where our priority is getting to know each of our students as whole young adults.  We find new ways to re-engage, refocus, and rejuvenate students in their learning with the goal of helping them earn their high school diploma. Our school supports the needs of the whole student by strengthening family and community foundations with approaches that sustain mental and behavioral health through trauma informed practices, social–emotional learning, and restorative justice. 
Some of the other reasons why students enjoy attending Boynton are:
* Students can recover credits faster
* Students do not have homework unless they have missed school
* 20:1 Teacher to student ratio
* Elective classes such as Art, 3D Design, Careers in Education, Culinary, Leadership, Digital Media, History of Hip Hop, Chicano Studies, and Living on Your Own
* Beautiful Campus
Basic eligibility for Boynton enrollment:
* Students are recommended to Boynton from the 5 comprehensive high schools in CUHSD every 6 weeks. 
* Students must be 16 or older and are in 11th or 12th grade.