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Applying to College

How To Apply To College

Step 1. Apply for Admission

Apply online-may take up to 24 hours to receive a student ID. Once you have an ID

Schedule placement tests.

Step 2. Complete Orientation

Orientation is required for new students in order to learn important information.

Step 3. Develop an Educational Plan

Students will meet with a Counselor to help them in building this plan.


Step 4. Register for Classes

Students are assigned registration dates based on enrollment status. The longer you are

enrolled in college the earlier your registration date will be. Students who are involved in

special programs at the college (DESP, Puente, Ujima, Success, EOPS, etc) also have

priority registration.

Step 6. Pay Your Fees

Try to pay your fees right after registering for classes to avoid being dropped from

classes. Students should apply for Financial Aid before applying to college. See the

Financial Aid office on the college campus for more help.

Step 7. Attend Classes